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When you go to enter the room, when the user name and password prompt comes up, if you are member, please enter your login name and password, if you are not a member, please enter unique values in the spaces provided to enter the room.
Welcome to The Phone Booth.

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Welcome to The Phone Booth.  This is a Chat Room for Image Exchange. This chat room is for users 18 and over only.  You may see adult images or language while in this room.  If you think this not to your taste, please return to the main page and make another room selection.  No Posting of images that have models that are under the age of 18.  Users posting such images will be removed from the room and could face a ban from the site. 

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This Chat Room Welcomes the posting of Adult Images.  Please make sure all models in the images that you are posting are of the age of 18 and up.  Any users found posting images of models that appear to be underage, clothed or not, will be booted, and may be banned from the site.  You will only get one warning, and this is it.
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